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a coll 





jable manner in whicli^ur collection3of£Sab- 

H^mns was receiv^e^-hAS led to the pub- 

> .third edition. X'VjJ 

icompiWjfras endeavored .to : select such hymns as 

?ener^^Ke, and adapted,' to>all Sabbath School oc- 

'bf the hyrcns ^1 -be found set to music 

" Stf-b^h School Bell.". 'fSM this little offering' 

acceptable to all th^ereijr children who love 

;nirpveet songs of Ziojpf is the sincere wish of 

C.MareJi, 18 




1 The Sabbath School's a place of prayer, 
I love to meel%ny teachers there ; 
They teach me 'there that every one 
May find, in heaven^ a happy home. 

Chorus— \ love t*g'o, T love to go, 

I love to go to Sabbath School. 

2 In God's own book we're taught to read, 
How Christ for sinners groaned and bled ; 
That precious blood a ransom gave •* 
For sinful man ; his soul to save. 

Chorus. — I love to go, &c.,, &c. 

3 In Sabbath School we sing and pray, 
And le"arn to love the Sabbath day j 
That, when on earth our Sabbaths end, 
A glorious rest in rfeaven we'll spend. 

Chorus. — I love to go, &c, &c. 

4 And when our days on earth are o'er, 
We'll meet in heaven to part no more ; 
Our teachers kind we. there shall greet, 
And, Oh ! what joy t'will be to meet 

In heaven above, in heaven above, 
In heaven above, to pirt no more. 


l\ine—UAppf Land. 

1 Como to the Sabbath School, All children come. 
Cheerful its pious rule, Pleasant as home. 

Leave rude and naughty plays. 
Love and keep the holy cLys. 
Conic, lea'rn to pray and p raise, ■ In Sabbath School. 

2 Come where our teaches's meet, Faithful snd true, 
Come learn the lessons sweet, B^ady fir you ; 

Come, school will not-be long,'~ 
Come join our happy tjjrong, 
Coma, sing our pretty song, In Sabbath School. 


S Oh! there's a school on high, Where angels praisr 
Joy beams in every eye, Sweet strains they raise: 
There seraph children sing, 
Anthems to our glorious King, 
A»d Crowns to Jesus bring. Blest Sabbath School. 


1 Sweetly the Sabbath* B J! 

Steals on the air, 

That in tlje house of God, 

Bids us appear: 
'• Children of God," it seems 

S ftly to s-ay, 
"Haste away, haste away. 
Haste, haste, away." 

2 Oft as the Sabbath chimes 

Summons to pray, 
May we their holy call 
Gladly obey. 

Then .when the last sad boll 
For us shall sound. 

Ready fill, ready *ll, 
May \tc be lound. 


1 Where do children love to go, 
When the wintry breezes blow t 
What is it attracts them so ? 
'Tis ths Sunday school, 

S, When the spring re leeks the trees 
And a warmth comes with the breezo, 
Children, can thank God for these. 
In the Sunday school. 

3 Where do children lore to be, 
When the summer bit'ds we see^ 
Warbling praise on every tree I 

In the Sunday school. 

4 When the Autumn blasts so chill, 
Every flower of earth must kill. 
Where do children gather still? 

In the Sunday school. 

5 Where arc they so kindly taught ' 
Who should rule in every thought, 
What the blood* of Christ has bought? 

In the Sunday school. 

G May VvC love this holy day, 

L've to sing, and read, and pray-- 
Find salvation's narrow way ! 
In the Sunday school. 


1 Will you come to our Sunday-School? - 
1 really wish you would, 
0, come and join our Bible-class, 

And leanrtfiow to be good. 
We learn to sing, we learn to pray. 

In our sweet Sunday School,. " 
And here we learn of Jesus too; 
Who gave the. golden rule. 
Chorus— Wjl I you, will you, will you, will you, 
Join our Sunday School ? 
Will you, will you, will you, will vou, 
Learn this golden rule ? - " " 

2 Yfe know v,heo Jesus was c'n earth 
He loved each little child, ' 

And taught us how we could become 

S* loving, good and mild. 
He gave the golden rule, and thera 

He said that he should know 
If we loved him, Tor if we did", 
We should love all below. 

CnoRu.3— Will j ou, &a. 

8 To do to others as I would 
That they should' do to rue, 
Will make me honest, kind ami good, 
. As children ought to be, 
I know I should not steal, nor use 
The smallest thing I see, 
4 Which I should never like' to lose" 
If it belonged to me. 

Cfloiuis— Will you, Sec. 

4 And this plain rule forbids me quite. 
To sti ike an angry blow, 
Because I should not think it right 
If others served mo so. 


But any kindness they may need 

I'll 'do, whate'er it be,; 
As I am very glad, indeed, 

When they are kind to me. 
Cuorus — Will you. &c. 


1 Oh, do not be discouraged, 

For Jesus is your 'friend ; 
Ob, do not be discouraged, 

Fw Jesus is jour friend, 
lie tTill give you g'»ce„to conquer, 
lie will give you grace to conquer,. 

And keep yoa to the end. 

'Chorus : — I am gl<td I'm in this army, 

r<?«, I'm glad I'm in this arm ff, 
Yes, I'm glad I'm in this army, 
And I'll tattle J or the school. 

2 Fight on ye little soldiers, 

The battle you shall win ; 
Fight on ye little soldiers, 

The battle you shall win:; 
For 'the Savieur is your Captain, 
For the. Saviour is your captain, 

And he hath vanquished sin. 

Chorus : — / am glad Fm in this army, &c 

3 And when the conflict's over. 
Before him you shall stand, 
And when the conflict's over 
Before him you shall stand, 


You shall sing his praise forever, 
Tou shall sing his praise forever, 
In Canaan's happy land ! 
Chohus:— I am glad I'm in this army, dee. 



Tune— "Turn to tiie Loud." 

1 Hark ! the Sabbath bells arc ringing! 

Children haste without delay ; 
Prayers of thousands now are wingin<»: 
Up to heaven their silent way. 
Cnofius— Come, children, come ! the bells are ringing-. 
To the school with haste repair; 
Let ns all unite in singing, 
All unite in solemn prayer. 

2 'Tis an hour of happy meeting — 

Children meet for pr.aise and prayer:. 
But the hour is short and fleeting,. 
Let tfs then be early there. 

Cn onus— Come, children, eo»e, &c. 

8 Do not keep.our teachers waiting,. 
While you tarry by the way ; 
Nor disturb the school reciting, 
'Tis the holy Sabbath day. 

Chorus— Ccme, children, come, &e. 

4 Children, haste 1 the bells are ringing; 

And the morning's bright and fair, 
Thousands now urite in singing, 

Thousands, too, in solemn prayer. 
Cuokus— Come, children, cosae, &c, 



1 Here we moot to p^ri again, 

•But whan we most 0:1 -Canaan's plain., 
There'll be no parting there, 
In that bright world above.'' 

Chorus. — Shout! shout the victory, 

We're on our journey houie. 

2 Here we meet to, part again, 

But when a seat in Heaven we gain, 
There'll be no there, 
In that bright world above. 

Chorus. — Shout ! shout the victory, l:a. 

3 Here we -meet to pirt again, 

But there we shall with Jesus reign, 
'There'll be no parting there, 
In that bright world above. • 
Ciiouus. — Shout ! shout the victory, &s. 

4 Here wo meet to part again, 

But when we join the heavenly train, 
There'll be no parting there, 
In that bright world above. 
Cnouus. — Shout! shout the victory, &c. 


1 The Sunday School, that blessed place, 
01,j! I would rathoi sUy 
Within its walls, a child of grace, 
Than spend my hours in piny. 

'Ckokus. — The Sunday school, the Sunday School, 
Oh i 'tis the place I love, 
For there I learn the golden rule, 
Which lead's to pvs a bore. 



2 'Tis there I learn that Jesus died 

F'l 1- dinners such as I ;■ 
Oh ! what has ail the world beside, 
That I should prize- so high. 
CneRus. — The Sunday school,, the Sunday school, <2<\. 

3 Then let our grateful tribute rise,. 

And songs of praise be given 
To him who dwells above the skies, 
For such a blessing given. 
Cnonus. — The Sunday school, the Sunday school. . &e. 

4 And welcome then the Sunday school, 

We'll read, and sing, and pray, 
That we may keep the golden rule, 
And ne?er from it stray. 
Chorus. — The Sunday school, the Sunday school, &c. 


1. When the morning light drives away the night,. 
With the sun so bright p.nd full, 
And it draws vs line near the hour of nine^ 
I'll away to the Sab&ath schccl.' 
For 'tis there we all agree, 
Ail with happy hearts and free, 
And I love to early bo 
At the Sabbath school. 


Chorus. — I'll away ! away ! I'll away ! away '' 
[both ] I'll away to Sabbath school 1 

2 On the frosty dawn of a winter's morn, 
When the earth is wrapped iri snow, 
Or the summer breeze plays round the trees 
To the Sabbath school I. go. 

I1YMX. 11 

When the holy day has come, 
And the Sabbath breakers roam, 
I delight to leave ray home, 
: __ For the Sabbath school i I'll away, &c- 

-3 In the class I meet with the friends I greet, 
At the time of morning prayer; 
And our hearts we raise in a hymn of praise, 
For 'tis always pleasant there: * 

In the Book of holy truth, 
Eull of counsel and reproof, 
We behold the guide" of youth, 

At the Sabbath school : I'll away, &c. 

4 May the dews of grace fill the hallow'd place, 
And. the sunshine never fail; 
While each blooming rose which in .memory grows 
Shall a sweet perfume exhale : 

'When wc mingle here no more, 
But have met on Jordan's shore, 
We will talk of moments o'er, 

At the Sabbath school: I'll away, &e. 


1 Dear friends,' with gov we meet yea here, 

On this our festive day, 
To bless God for the Sunday school; 
. join oar simple lay. 
&30RUS. — The Sunday school, the Sunday school, 
God bless the Sunday school, 
The Sunday school, the Sunday scbooL 
God bless the Sunday school. 

2 'Tis there we leirn how Jesus died 

To save our ruined race; 
How he was mocked and crucified, 
That we might share his grace. 
flJiioKcs.— The Sunday school, .&c. 


8 While trackers look to God in prayer; 

His spirit to import, 
may the lessons taught us there 

Be graven on each heart 
Ciiokus. — The Sunday school, &c. 

4 When spring with verdure clothes the scene, 
When summer breezes blow, 
[,'Mid winter's snow and tempest keen, 
To Sunday school we'll g-\ 
Ciickus — The Sunday school, &c 


1 When SabbaSh's sacred morning li^ht 

Begins on earth to dawn, 
We'll wake with eyes all sparkling bright, 
And bid dull sloth- begone. 
Chorus — Then haste to the school, away, 
And keep this sacred day, 
Haste away, yes, haste away, 
And keep this sacred day. 

2 The tuneful birds in con-cert meet, 

And carol sweet their lays ; 
In nature's temple they repeat ' 
Their great Creator's praise : ■ 
Chorus. — Then haste to the school, away, &e 

3. 'From valley, Said, and mountain air, 
They pour their warbling strains, 
And in one chorus loud declare, 
'That Cod forever reigns. 
Cbokus.— Then haste to the school, away, &c. 

4 Then in the temple of the Lord, 

That consecrated r.lace, 
We'll listen to Goo's holy word, 

And seek his pard'ning grace: 
Chorus.— Then haste to the school, away, 

HYMNS. .15 

5 Then with united heart and voice, 
Our song to God we'll raise, 
White millions more with us rejoice, 
And join iii prtyer and praise: 

Chorus. — Then haste to the school, away, &c. 

L. M. 

1. The Sabbath school, bow dear to me, 
Within thy wall* I love to be ; 
My youthful heart with joy is full, 
When I am in the Sabbath. school. 
Chorus.— In Sabbath school, in Sabbath school, 
In Sabbath school, in Sabbath school, 
My youthful heart with joy is full, 
When I am in the Sabbath schooL 

2 'Tis here that I am taught to read 
God's holy word, and feci tho need 

Of quick'ning grace and pard'ning love, 
To fit me for yon heaven above. 
Chokus. 7- In .Sabbath school, &c. 

3 'Tis here that I am taught to pray, 

And love Cod's koly Sabbath day ; 
To sing his praise, and learn his will, 
And all my duties to fulfill : 
Chorus. — In Sabbath school, &c. 

4 'Tis here I learn that Christ has died, 
That he for me was crucified ; 

That he my blessed soul has bought 
These blessed truths I here am taught 

Chorus.— In Sabbath school, ?:•:■. 

JL<± fABUATfi Bt'lIOOli 

5 Theso golden hours will soon be o'er, 
x\nd I shall go to school no more ;, 
So I'm- resolved to form the plan, 
To strive and profit all I can. 

Chorus. — In Sabbath school, &3, 

C Oh, let my songs and praises rise, 
Like grateful incense to the skies.,, 
For thst rich grace_s© free, so fulr, 
That brought me to the Sabbath school. 

Ciiokus.— In Sabbath school, &c. 


1 Here we throng to praise the Lord 

Listen now, listen now ; 
Here we throng to praise the Lord, 
With our infant lays. 
• .He who once lay in a manger, 

Now enthroned our blest Redeemer, 
With a father's love has said. 
He'd accept our praise. 

2 " Let young children come to me," 

Jesus said, Jesus said ; 
"Letyoung children come tome, 

,l And forbid them not.' 
" For of such," the Saviour told then},. 
" Is composed my heajenly kingdonv 1 
What a rapturous, thought it is, 

Christ forgets us not! 

3 Let-us love, and now adore ; * 

Love him now, love him now ; 
Let us love, and now adore, 
In our youthful strength,. 

HYMNS. 15 

Let us never grieve our Siviour, 

Who hath died to win ns favor ; 

Ah ! this thought should melt our hearty 

Children's hearts can melt.. 

4. But we'll have a joyous song, 

Joyous song, Joyous song; 
But we'll have a joyous song 

For our Jubilee. 
Jesus lives and reigns for ever * 
This will make us joyous ever ; 
Saviour hear this praise to thee, 

Who remembered me. 


1 Oat on an ocean all boundless we ride, 

We're homeward bound, homeward bouR(5, 
Tossed on the waves of a rough, restless tide, 

We're homeward bound, homeward bound, 
Far from the safe, quiet harbor we've rode, 
Seeking our Father's'celestial abode, 
Promise of which on us each he bestowed, 

We're homeward Dound, homeward bound. 

2 Wildly the storm sweeps us on as it roars, 

We're. homeward bound. 
Look! yonder lie the bright heavenly shores, 

We're homeward bound. 
Steady 1 ■ pilot ! stand firm at the wheel, 
Steady! we soon shall outweather the' gale, 
O, how we fiy 'neath the loud-creaking sail, 

We're homeward bound. 

3 We'll (ell the world as we journey along, - 

We're homeward bound ! 
Try to persuade them to enter our throng, 
We're homeward bound. 


Come, trembling sinner, forlorn and oppressed, 
Join in our number, O come and be blest : 
Journey with us to the mansions of rest, 
We're homeward bound. 

4 Into the harbor of heaven now we glide, 

We're home at last. 
Softly we drift*on its bright silver tide, 

We're home at last. 
Glery to God ! all our danger is o'er, 
We stand secure on the glorified shore, 
Glory to God ! we will shout evermore. 

We're home at last. 


, LAND. 

1 I have a Father in the promised land, 
I have a Father in the promised land. 
My -Father calls me, I must go — ■ 

To meet him in the promised land. 

Cdokus — I'll away, I'll away, to the promised land, 
I'll away, I'll away, to the promised land, 
My Father calls me, I must go, 
To meet him in the promised land. 

2 I have a Saviour in the promised land, 
I have a Saviour in the promised land, 
My Saviour calls rae, I must go — 

To meet him. in the promised land, 
Chokus— -I'll away, I'll away, &C 

3 I have a crown in the promised land, 
I have a crown in the promised land, 
When Jesus calls me, I must go, 

To wear it in the promised laud. 
Chokus— I'll away, I'll away, &c. 

imTxs: 17 

4 I hope to meet you in the promised laaJ, 
I hope to moot you in ths promised land. 
At Jesus' feet a joyous bind, • 
"We'll praise him in the promised hnd. 

Cnouus. — We'll away, we'll away, &o. 


1 Where'er we meet, you always say, 

What's the news ? what's the news ? 
Pr-ty, what's the order of the day ? 

What's the news ? what's the news ? 
! I have got good news to tell ! 
My Saviour hath done all things well 
And triumphed' over death and hell, — 

That's the news ! that's the news ! 

2 The L\mb was slain on Calvary 

That's the news ! that's the news ! 
To set a world of sinners free, 

That's the news ! that's the news! 
'Twas there his*precious blood was shed, 
'Twas there he bowed his sacred head, 
But now he's risen from the dead, 

That's the new's ! that's the news ! 

3 .His work's reviving all around, 

That's the, news! that's the news! 
And many have redemption found — ■ 
That's the news ! that's the news ! 
And since their souls have caught the flame, 
They shout hosanna to his name, 
. And all around, they spread his fame — ■ 
-That's the news! that's the news 1. 

4 Tl e Lord has parcloned all my sin — 

That's the news ! that's the news i 
I feel the witness now within — 
That's the news! that's the ne.vs! 


And since he took my sins away, 
And taught me how to watch. and pray, 
I'm happy »now from day to day — " 
That's the news ! that's the news ! 

5 And Christ the Lord can save you now — 
That's the news! that's the news ! 

Your sinful heart he can renew — 
That's the news ! that's the news ! 

This moment, if for sin you grieve, 

This moment, if you do believe, 

A full acquittal you'll receive— 
That's the news ! that's the news ! 

G And now, if any one should say, 

What's the iTews ? what's the news ? 
tell them you've begun to pray — 
That's the news ! that's the news ! 
. That you have joined the conquering band, 
And now, with joy, at God's command, 
You're marching to the better land — 
That's the news! that's the news ! 


1 Together let us sweetly live, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan; . 
Together let us sweetly die, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan. 
Ciiokus. — Canaan, bright Canaan, 

I am bound for. the land of Canaan ; 

Canaan, it is my happy home, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan, 

2 If you get there before I do, 

1 am bound for -the land of Canaan ; 
Then praise the Lord, I'm coming too, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan. 
CnoEUS. — O Canaan, &e. 


3 Part of my friends the prize have won, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan ; 
And I'm resolved to travel on, 

I am boundfor the land of Canaan. 
Choiius— Canaan, &c. 

4 Then came with me, beloved friend, 

I am bound for the land -of Canaan ; 
The joys of heaven shall never end, 
I am bound for the land of Canaan. 
Chokus — Canaan, &c: 

5 Our songs of praise shall fill the skios, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan ; 
While higher still our joys they rise, 
I am bound for the land o( Canaan. 
Chokus— Canaan, &c. 



1 Days, and weeks, and months, returning, 

Bear us gently down life's way ; 
Still their lesson we are learning, 
With each anniversary day. • 
CnoKus — We'll stand the storm, it won't be long, 
We'll anchor by-and-by; 
We'll stand the storm, tt won't be long, 
We'll anchor by-and by. 

2 Glad our hearts, and glad our voices, 

Joy controls the halting hour ; 
None so sad, but he rejoices 

'N«ath to day's controlling power. 
Chokus --We'll stand the storm, &o. 


SAtfiiATH 6CI100L 

3 Glad for classmates and for teachers 

Guiding; us, with- gentle rule ; 
Glad for all the gifts that reach us. 
Thro' our own loved Sunday School. 
Chorus— We'll stand the'storm, &c. 

4 Yet tbo' glad, we'll still remember 

What the moments always say ; 
Life must hare its cold December, 
Just as surely as its May, 
Chords— We'll stand the storm, &c. 

5 Let us not forget the meaning, 

Days like thee for ever wear ; 
One more field has had its gleaning, 
One more sheaf our arms should bear 
Chorus— We'll stand the storm, &c. 



Little drops of water 
L'ttle grains of sand, 

Make the mighty ocean, 
And the beauteous land. 

So our little errors 
Lead the soul away 

From the paths of virtue 
Oft in sin to stray. 

2 And the little moments, 
Humble tho' they be, 
Make the mighty ages 
Of eternity. 

4 Little deeds of kindnes?, 
Little words of love, 
Make our earth an Eden, 
Like the heaven-above. 

5 Little seeds of mercy, 

Sown by youthful" hands, 
_Grow to bless the nations, 
Far in heathen lands. 


1 Kind words csn never die, Cherished and bhst, 
God knows how deeD they lie Stored in the breast, 

Like childhood's simple rhymes, ' 
Slid o'er a thousand times, 
Go thro'' all years and climes, The heart to cheer. 
Chorus. — Kind words-can never die, never die, never die, 
Kind words can never die, no, never die. 

2 Childhood can never die — Wrecks of the past, 
Float o'er (he memory, Bright to tha last. 
Man}' a happy thing, Many a daisy spring 

. Float o'er time's ceaseless wing, Far, {ar away. 

Chorus. — Childhood can never die, c%c , fee. 

3 Sweet thoughts can never die, Tho' like the fhwers 
Their brightest hues may fly, In wintry hours. 

But when tho gentles dew 
Gives them iheir charms .inw, 
With many an added*hiie, They bloom again. 
Chorus— Sweet thoughts can never die, &c, &c. 

4 Our souls can never die, Though in the tomb 
We may all have to lie, Wrapped in its gloom. 

What tho' the flesh decai^, Souls pass in peace away, 
Live through eternal d-iy, With Christ above. 
CIiorus. — Our sou's can never die, never die, never die, 
•Our souls can never die, no, never die. 



1 There is a happy land,. Far far away, 

Where saints in glery stand, Bright, bright r.3 day j 
Oh, how they sweetly sing, 
Worthy is. the Saviour King, 
Loud let his praises ling-, 
Praise, praise for aye ! 



2 Come to that happy land, Come, co mo .away ; 
Why will ye doubting stand, Why still delay ? 

Oh, we shall happy be, 
When from sin. and sorrow free, 
Lord^ we shall live wnh thee, 
Blest, blest for aye.- 

3 Bright in that happy land, Beam? every eye ; 
Kept by a Father's hand, Love cannot die. 

Oh, then to glory run, 
Be a crown and kingdom won, 
And, brighfabce the sun, 
We leign for aye. 


1 I want to be an angel, 

And with the angels stand, 
A crown upon my forehead, 

A harp within my hand, 
There right before my Siviour, 

So glorious and so bright, 
I'd wake the sweetest music 

And praise him day and night. 

2 T never wauld be weary, 

Nor ce.i_ shed a fear", 
Nor ever know a sorrow, 

Nor ever feel a fear ; 
But blessed, pure and holy, 

I'd dwell in Jesus' sight, 
And with ten thousand thousands 

Praise him both day and night. 

3 I know I'm weak and sinful, 

But Jesus will forgive, 
For many little children 
Have gone to heaven to lire. 

HYMNS, " 23 

Dear Saviour, when' I languish, 

And lay me down to die, 
Oh, send a shining angel, 

And bear me to the skies- 

4 Oh, there I'll he an angel, 

And with the angels stand, 
A crown upon my forehead, 

A harp within my hand; 
And there, before my Saviour, 

So glorious and so bright, 
I'll join the heavenly music 

And praise him day and night- 


1 Where, where/* are the Hebrew Children, 
Where, where, nre the Hebrew Children, 
Who \jere cast in the furnace of fire ? 

Safe "now in the promised land. 
Chorus— By and by we'll go home to meet them, 
By and by we'll go home to meet them, 
Bv and by we'll go home to meet them, 
Way o'er in the promised land. 

2 Where, where, is the good Elijah, 
AVho went up in a chariot of fire ? 
Safe now in tho promised land. 

Chorus— By and by, &.o. 

• § Where, 0- where, is the prophet Daniel',.. 
Who was cast in the den of lions ? 
Safe now in the promised land. 
Chorus--- By and by, &c 

4 Where, where, is the weeping Mary, 
Who was first at the tomb of Jesus ? 
Safe now in thB promised land- 
■ Cuokus -By and by, &.'% 



5 Where, whore, is the martyred Stephen 
V. M was stoned for the love of Jesus ? ' 
bate now in theptomised land- 

Ghokus— By and by, &c. 

6 Where, where, is the blessed J esuSi ' 
Who was pierced on the mount of CalV'ry » 
bsie now in the promised land. " 

Ckortw— By and by, &c. 


■ 1 Preserved by thine Almighty power, 
Lord, our Maker, Savi&ur Kin- 

And brought to seethis happy horn- 
We come thy praises hero to sin-. • 

OnoKus-IZappy^day, happy day, 

Hero in thy courts we'll gladly stir 
And at thy footstool humbly pray, " ' 
lhat thou wouldst, take our sins away 
Happy aay, happy day, ■> ' 

When Chi ist shall wash our eia& away 

2 We pra lse tnee for thy constant care 
*or lue preserved, for mercies K !ven 
Oa may we still those mercies sha% 
And taste the joys of sins forgivJn. 
Ocoitus— Hapny da^ £ c _ , 

S Wo praise thee for the joyful news 

• ^P^on through a ^ 7 io U1 .' s b:ood, 
On Lord inchne our hearts to choose 
-i he road to happiness and God 
tjioKL's- Happy day, &:. 

HYMNS, 25 

And when on earth our days are done, 
Grant, Lord, that we at length may join 

Teachers and scholars round thy throne, 
The song of Moses and the Lamb. 
Chorus. — Happy day, &c. 


1 Around the throne of God in heaven, 

Thousands of children stand ; 
Children whose sins all forgitsn ;• 

A holy, happy band, 
Singing glory, glory, glory be to God on high, 

2" In flowing robes of spotless while, 
See every one arrayed; 
Dwelling in everlasting light. 

And joys that never fcide. Singing glory, &ci 

3. What brought them to that, world above ! 
That he»ven so bright and fair, 
Where all is peace, and joy and love ;— 
How came those children there ? Singing glory, &c. 

4 Eeeajse the Saviour shed his blood, 

To *"ash away their sins ; 
Bathed in that pure and precious flood, 
/Behold them white and clean ! Singing glery, &c. 

5 On earth. they sought tho Saviour's gra^e. 

On earth they loved his name ; 

So now they see his blessed face, - 

And stand before the Limb, Sinking gl 





1 Joyfully, joyfully, onward we move, " 
Bound to the land of bright spirits above ; 
Jesus, our Saviour, in mercy says come, 
Joyfully, joyfully, haste to your home. 
Soon will our pilgrimage end here below, 
Soon to the presence of God we shall go, 
Then, if to Jesus our hearts have been given, 
Joyfully, joyfully rest we in heaven. 

2 Teachers and scholars have passed on before; 
Waiting, they watch us, approaching the shore, 
Singing to cheer us, while passing along, 
Joyfully, joyfully haste ' io your home. 
Sounds of sweet music there ravish the ear, , 
Harps of the blessed, your strains we shall hoar, 
Filling with harmony heaven's high dome, 
Jo'yfuliy, joyfully, Jesus we come. 

S Death with his arrow may soon lay us low, 
Safe in our Saviour, we fear not the blow, 
Jesus hath broken the bars of the tomb, 
Joyfully, joyfully, we will go home. 
Bright will the ir.oin of eternity dawn, 
Death shall be conquered, his sceptre be gone, 
■Over the plains of sweet Canaan we'll roam, 
Joyfully, joyfully, safely at home. 


1 On a hill stands a beautiful tree, 

Its fruit is all golden and fair, 
And its shade and its treasures are free 

For all who may thither repair.; 
Its leaves, ever green, do not die, 

Its flowers with fragrance abound, 
lis splendor enraptures the eye, 

Its branches with music resound. 

HYMNS. • 27 

'2 Though thousands by ni^lit and by day 

Have feasted and gathered in store, 
Have borne its rich bounties away, 

Its fullness remains evermore ; 
Oh, what is its name ? who can tell ? 

And the hill — where, oh where can it be? 
By thy side I will basts' me to dwell, . 

0, wonderful— beautiful tree. 

3 On Zion's fair mount you behold 

Its form in bright grandeur arise, 
There glitter its green and its gold, 

There lifts its tail head to the skies ;. 
'Twas planted by Infinite love, 

From the hills everlasting it came, 
Truth Eternal, they call it above, 

But Bible, on earth, is its name. 

29 THE GOSPEL BANNER. 7s & la. 

1 Now be the gospel banner 

In every land unfurled ;. the shout, Hosanna I 

Re-echoed through the world : 
Till every isle and nation, 

Till every tribe and tongue, 
Receive. the great salvation, 

And join the happy throng. 

2 What though the embattled legions 

Of earth and hell combine? 
His- arm throughout their regions, 

Shall soon resplendent shine ; 
Ride on, Lord, victorious : 

Immanuel, Piince of, Peace, 
Thy triumph shall be glorious; 

Thy empire shall increase. 


3 Yes, tbou shalt reign forever, 
Jesus, King of kings ; 
Thy light, thy, love, thy layer. 

Each ransomed captive sings; 

The isles for thee are waiting, 

4 The deserts l.earn thy praise i 

The hills and valleys greeting, 

The song responsive raise. 


Tune -Lex-ox. 

1 When little Samuel woke, 

•And heard his maker's voice, 
At every word h& spoke, 
How much did he rejoice. 

Messed, happy child, to find 

The God cf heaven so near and kind, 

2 If God would speak to mej 

And say he was my friend, 
How happy would I be; 

0, how should I attend! 
The smallest sin I then should fear, 
If God Almighty were so near. 

8 And does h@ never speak ? 

O yes ! for in his vu'rl 
He b ds me come and so;k 

The God whom Samml heard. 
In almost every page 1 see, 
The God of Samuel calls to mo. 

4 And I beneath his care, 

May safely rest my head ; 

1 know thatG-od. is there, 

To guard my humble bed ; 
And every sin I well may fear, 
9ince God Almighty is so near. 

Ill'MN3. 29 

>> Like S-unue], let me say,' 
When e'er I read his 'word, 
'■Speak, Lord, I would obey 
The voice that Samuel heard." 
And when I in thy house appear, 
Speak, for thy servant waits to hear. 


1 My ckys are'gliding swiftly by, 
t And I, a pilgrim stranger, 

Would not detain them as they fly,-— 
, Those hours of toil and danger ; 
CnoKus. — For now we stand on Jordan's strand, 
Our friends are passing over : 
And, just before, the shining shore 
* We may almost discover. 

2 Our absent king the watchword gave, 

" Let every lamp be burning ;" 
We look afar, across the ware, 
Our distant home discerning: 
Chohus.— For now we stand, &c. 

Should coining days be dark and cold 
We will not yield to sorrow, 

For hope will sing, with courag.e bold, 
" There's glory on the morrow ;" 
Ciiokus.— For now we stand, &e. 

Let storms of woe in whirlwinds rise 

Eich cord on earth to sever, 
There bright and joyous in the skies, 
There is our home forever ; 
Chorvs.— For new we stand, &c- 



1 I would not live alway : I ask not to stay 
Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way ; - 
The few lucid mornings that dawn on us here t 
Are enough for life's cares, full enough for its cheer. 

2 I would not live alway : no — -welcome the tomb, 
Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its gloom ; 
There sweet be my rest, (ill h"e bid me arise, 

To hail him in triumph deeendir.g the skjgjs. 

3 Who, who would live alway, away from his God — 
Away from yon heaven, that blissful'abode, 

"Where the rivers of pleasure flow bright o'er the plains, 
And the noontide of glory eternally reigns; 

4 Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet, 
Their Saviour and brethren transported to greet, 
While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, 
And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the soul. 


1 In the Christian's home in-glory, 
There remains a land of rest, 
There my Saviour has gene before me, 
To fulfi.l my soul's request. 

Chorus. — There is rest for the wear}', 
There is rest for the weary, 
There is rest for the weary, 
There is rest for you ; 
On the other side of Jordan, 
In the sweet fields of Eden, 
Where the tree of life is blooming. 
There is rest for you. 


2 He is fitting up' my mansion, 
'■'■'" Which eternally shall stand, 
For my stay shall not be transient 
In that holy, happy land. 

Chorus.— There is rest, &c. 

8 Pain nor sickness ne'er shall enter, 
Grief nor woe my lot shall share, 
But in that celestial centre 
I a crown of life shall wear. 

Chouus.— There 'is rest, &c. 

4 Death itself shall then be vanquished ; 

And his sting shall be withdrawn ; 
. Shout for gladness, Oh ye ransomed ! 

Hail with joy the rising morn. 
Chorus.— There is rest, &c. 

5 Sing, Oh, sing ye heirs of glory ! • 

Shout your triumphs as you go ; 
Zion's gates will open for you, ' 

You shall find an entrance through. 
CnoRus,— Thei e is rest, &c. 


1 Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
llcioice, rejoice, the wilderness shall bloom, 
And Zion's children then shall sing, 
The deserts all are blossoming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, the wilderness shall bloom, 
The gospel banner, wide unfurl d, 
Shall 'wave in triumph o'er the world, 
And every creature bond and free, 
Shall hail the glorious jubilee. 
Rejoice rejoice, tko promised time is earning, 
fcjoicc/rcjoico, the wilcU^i aUa'.l bloom. 



2 Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoi e, Jerusalem shall -sing: 
From Zion shall the law go forth, 
And all shall hear from south to north : 
Rpjoice, rpjoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, Jerusalem shall sing ; 
And truth shall sit on every hill, 
And blessings flow in etery rill, 
And praise shall every heart employ, 
And every voice shall shout with joy ; 
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, Jerusalem shall sing. 


Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, the Prince of Peace shall reign ; 
And lambs shall with the leopard play, 
For naupht shall harm in Zion's way ; 
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rtjoice, the Prince of Peace shall re-ign, 
The sword and spear, needless worth, 
Shall prune the tree and plow the earth ; 
And peace shall smile from shore to sherc, 
And nations learn to war no more: 
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming, 
Rejoice, rejoice, the Prince of Peace shall reign. 


1 Morn amid the mountains — 
Lovely solitude ! 
Gushing streams and fountains 
Murmur " God is good." 


Murmur, murmur, murmur " God is good." 
Murmur, murmur, murmur " Gcd in gcod." 

hymns. 33 

2 how, (he glad sun, breaking, 
Pours a r-o!fVn flood- 


Echo " God is good."' 
Echo, echo, echo ' God is good." 

3 Hymns of praise are ringing 
Through the leafy wood; 
Songsters sweetly singing 
Warble, "God is good."' 
Warble, warble, warble "God is good." 

'4 Wake, and join the chorus, 
Child, with soul endued ; 
God, whose smile is o'er us, 
Evermore is goo. 3. 
Ever, ever, evertriore is. good. 


.1 Come away to the skies — 
My beloved, arise I 
And rejoice in the day thou wast born ; 
On this festival day 
Come exulting away. 
And, with singing, to Ziou return, 

2 We have laid up our love, 
With our treasure above, 

Though our bodies continue below • 
The redeemed of the Lord, ' 
We remember his word, 

And, with singing, to Paradise go. 
• * 

3 There, Oh t there at his feet, 
We'shall joyfnlly meet, 

And be parted in body no more ; 
We-shall sing to our lyre?, 
With the heavenly choirs, 

And our Sariour, in glory adore. 


4 "Hallelujah! we sing 
* To our Father and King, 
And his raptuons praises repeat : 
, ' To the Lamb that was slain, 

"Hallelujah!" again 
Sing all heaven and fall at his feet. 


1 " Remember thy Creator," 

While youth is fair and bright, 
Before thy cares are greater, 

Before comes age's night ; 
While yet the sun shines o'er thee. 

While stars the darkness cheer, 
While life is still before thee, 

Thy great Creator fear. 

2 "Remember thy Creator," 

Ere life resigns" its trust, 
Ere sinks dissolving nature , 

And dust return to dust: 
Ueforc with God, who gave it, 

The spirit shall appear, 
He cries who died to save it, 

" Thy great Creator fear." 

38 GOD IS IN EEAVny. ' C. M. 

1 God is in heaven — can he hear 

A feeble prayer iy*e ming? 
Yes, little child— thou need'st not fear ; 
He will attend to thine. , 

2 God is in heaven — can he see 

When I am doing wrong ? 
Yes, that he can — he looks at thee 
All day and. all night long. 

HYMNS. §5 

3 God is in heaven — would he know 

If I should tell a Ire ? 
Yes, if thou said'st it very low, 
He'd hear it in the sky. 

4 God is in heaven-- c*n I go 

To thank him for his care? 

Not yet— but love him here below 
And thcu shall i raise him therei 


1 Father hear! to thee we raise 
» Grateful songs and hymns of praise \ 
Let thy blessing on us rest, 
With thy smile may we be blest, 
Thanks to thee, our Father kind, 
That provision for the mind 
Thou hast made, and to us giv'n 
In thy love, as rich as heav'n. 

2. Thou hast given us friends most dear ; 
Parents, teachers, loved ones bore, 
Who for us both watch and pray, 
And wou!d lead in the right way. 
Give us grace to hear thy voice, 
And may wisdom be our chaice ; 
Onward press and upward move, 
Blessing all by deeds of love. 

8 Lord ! be thou cur guide through youth, 
Lead us in the paths of truth ; 
Fill our hearts with thy rich grace, 
Fit us lor the realms ol bliss. 
Thus we hope to do thy will — • 
In the world our part fulfill : 
And when life's brief hour is o'er, 
Meet in heaven and love Thee mure, 





1 Would you be as angels rre ? 
Singling, sing bis praise: 

Would you banish every care ? 

Sing, sing, sing bis praise; 
Like the lark upon the wing. 
Like the warbling birds of spring-. 
Like the crystal spheres that ring, 

Sing, sing, sing his praise. 

2 If the world upon you frown, Sing, &c, 
If you're left to sing alone, Sing, &c 

If sad trials come to you,. 
As to every one they do, 
For that they are blessings, too, Sing, &c. 

3 For this wondrous, dying love, Sing, &c. 
That lie intercedes above, Sing, &c. 

Thus, whene'er you come to die, 

You shall soar beyond tic sky. 

And with angel choirs on high, Sing, 



See the shininj; dew drops 

On the flowers strewed, 
Proving, *as they sparkle, 

God is ever good. 
Hear the mountain streamlet 

In the solitude, 
With its ripple,saying 

God is ever good. 

See the morning sunbeams 

Lighting up the word, 
Silently proclaiming, 

God is ever good. 
In the leafy- tree tops, 

Where no fears intrude, 
Merry birds are singing, 

God is ever good. 

5 Bring, my heart, thy tribute, 
Songs of gratitude, - 
■While all nature utters 
God is ever good. 

HYMNS. 37 


1 I'll awake at dawn on the Sab'isth day, 
■for 'tis wrong to doze holy time away ; 
With my lessons learned,. it shall be my rule 
"Never to be late at the. Sabbath s.clioeI." 

2t Birds awake betimes.; every iiKrn they k ing. 
None are tardy v there, while the woods do ring- 
So when Sunday -comes. it*h;»H be ruy rule 
Never to be late at the Sabbath school. 

■3 While the tuneful birds and the-euiaiper's -sun 
All in time are found wuh their work all done. 
Shall not I, more bh-st, ever keep this ruie 
Never to be late' ;t the Sabbath-school? 

•4 When th« summer's sun wakes the flowers a"ah> 
They the call obey — none are tardy Chen 
■Nor shall I forget 'that -it is my rule 
Never to be lite at the Sabbath school. 


1 With joy we meet, with smiles we greet. 

Our schoolmates bright and-^uy ; 
Be dry eacli tear <*f sorrow here" 
'Tis anniversary day. ♦ 

-Chorus.— 'Tis anniversary <3;y- 
lis anniversary day .; 
Be dry each tear o! sorrow here 
'Tis anniversary dny. 

2 Religious sound no«v rings around 

And brightens ever\ r ray • 
Our b'Ui;;er Jloat^' u'* ! ks'inv .\i=tps. 
v'n anniverr-'irv da- 
Chokus. — On auniy-ersary aay, &j. 


.3 We children sin?, and echoes ring 
Along the heavenly way, • 
Where angels blest have for (heir rest 
One anniversary day. 
Cnosus.—Oae anniversary, &c. 

Qb, who from heme w-uld fail to come 

And join our happy lay, 
When praise we bring to God our King, 
On anniversary d%j\ 
€'HOi:Us.- r Oa anniversary, &c. 

Gome, children, come, for there arc some 

Who have been won't 10 stray, . 

Gome, take our hands, and join our bands, 

."This nHnivcrsary day. 
CnoKUS.— This anniversary, &c. 


1 A year again'has passed away ! 

Time swiftly speeds along ; 
We -:ouio again (o'praise and pray, 

And sing our -greeting song. 
CiioKt's. — We come, we ccnie r 

We. come with song to greet yps. 

We come, we come, 
W^come with sc'ng again. 

2 We come the Saviours name to praise 

To sing the wondrous love 
Of -II: m who gu.iids. us all our days, * 
And guides to Heaven above. 
Chorus ---We come, &c. 

8 V. f .-;i «!n.: -M G"::v»-- 1 ; a i l v,iJui>. 
J ■:-, ni,.b eve ;'y ]>:-~'']^- } 
We'd sina, ><.. ;.roi; ; :- 'T- i n^aven 
Wkh voices loud and clear. 
• Chorus.-— We eow.e, &c. 


4 We'll sing of many a happy hour 
We've passed in Sunday school, 
Where truth, like summer's genial showers, 
•Extends its gracious rale. 

Chorus. — We come, &c. 

C Our youthful hearts will gladly rake,, 
Our voices sweetly sing, 
A general song of grateful praise, 
To Heaven's eternal King. 
. -Chorus. — We come, &c 



1 Come, chiiJren, and join in our Yest-iva! song, 

And hail the sweet joys which this day brings along 
YvVll join our glad voices in one hymn of praise, 
To God, who has' kept us, and lengthened, our day-e. 
Onoiros. — Happy greeting to all ! 
Happy greeting to all ! 
Kappy greeting, happy greeting, 
Happy greeting'to all ! 

2 Our Father in Heaven, we lift up to thee, 
Our voice of thanksgiving, our glad jubilee ; 
Oh, bless us and gnide us,»dear Saviour, we pray, 
That from thy blest precepts we never may stray. 

Chords.- — Happy greeting, &c. 

3 And if, ere this glad year has drawn to' a close, 
Some loved one among us in death shall repose, 
Grant Lord, that the Spirit in .Heaven may dwell. 
In the bosom of Jesus, where all shall be welL m . 

'Chorus.-— Happy greeting, &c. 

4 Kind teadier.s, we children "Would -thank you this cL, 
That faithfully, kindly, you've taught us the way, 
How we may escape frem the world's sinful charms, 
And find a s-ife refuge in the Saviour's loved arms. 

Cjl'ouus. — Happy greeting, &c. 

40 SAB3ATII scfioor, ; 

5 Dear Pastor, we ask tL.e, as Lambs of thy fold, 
To tyac>> us that wisdom more precious than gold, 
Oar fouletcps to guide ia the pathway of truth, 
To " love eur Creator in the days o£ our youth/' 

Cnonvs.— Haripy greeting. &o. 

6 And now, as we part, let ua bid you good cheer, 
V- r e pray for a blessing on your labors here : 
May many " bright jewels" be your blest reward, 
And " crowns of rejoicing " in the day of the Lord. 

Ciiokcs— Happy greeting, &c, 


1 I'm but a traveler here, 

Heaven is my heme. 
Earth is a desert drear", 

Heaven is my homo ; 
- Du>g*r and sorrow stand 
Round me on every hand,. 
Heaven is my Fatherland, 

Heaven is'ir.y home. 

2 What though the tempest rage,, 

Heaven i'si ray home, 
Short is my pilgrimage, . 

Heaven is my home ; 
Time's ccld -ir.u wintry blasi 
Scon will be overpast, 
I shall reach home at last,. 

Heaven is my heme. 

3 There at my Saviour's side, 
* Heaven is my home, 

I sh?U hi glorified, 

Heaven is my home ; 
There aie the good and blest, 
Those I love most and best, 
There, too, I soon shall r«st, 

H wen i| m.7 home, 

HYMN'S. 41 

■4*. WILL YOU GO? 

1 We're traveling home to heaven above, 
Will you go? Will you go? 
. * l-o sing the Saviour's dying love, 
Will you go ? Will you go ? • 
Millions have reached this, blest abode, 
Annointed kings and priests to God} 
And millions now are on the road, 
.Will you go ? Will you go ? 

2 We're going to see the bleeding Lamb, — Will you go ? 
. In rapturous strains to p: aise his -name, —Will you go ? 

The crown -of life we there shall wear, * 

The conqueror's palm our hands shall boar, 
And all the joys of heaven .we'll- share,— Will you go ? 

3 We're going to join the heavenly choir, — Will you go ? 
To raise our roice and tun« the lyre, — Will you go ? 

The saints and angels gladly sing, 
Hosanna to their God and King, 
-And make the "heavenly arches ring — Will you go ? 

4 Ye w«ary, h«aTy-laflen,.come., — Will y<5u go ? 

In the blest house there still is room — , Will you go ? 

The Lord is waiting to receive, 

If thou wilt on him now believe, [lieve. 

He'll give thy troubled conscience ease, — Ceme, be- 

5 The way to Heaven-is free for all— Will you go ? 

For Jews and Gentiles, great and small,— Will you go ? 
Make up your mind, give God your heart, 
With every sin and idol part, * 

And now fcr glory make a start,»-Corhe away 1 

6 TllP wnv tO !'»■" ' -: fs ^ v'-M "rid pl-ipi Will ycfu go ? 
K--per.\ believe. i,t_-. i>on ; a <*";>, n '.A -.-,..■ ..-<■> 

ine "-.avviur f , ";,-. : -: ;■>;, : ,,i ■— , t*ij..p 
" Take up the cioss and follow me," 
And thou shalt mv salvation see.— Conic to ait ' 


*l Oh, could I hoar some sinner say,— I will go ! 
I'll start this msm-oat, clear the way, — Let me go f 
My old companions fare you well, 
I will not go with you to hell \ 
I mean with Jesus Christ to dwell — 
Let me go !- Fare you well 1 


. Teachers. 

1 Come ye chi-ldyen, and .adore him,. 

Lord of all he reigns above ; 
Come, and worship now before hire, 

He hath called you by his love. 
He will grant you every blessing, 

Of his all aboji riding grace : 
Come, with humble hearls, expressing . 
All your gratitude and praise. 


2 On this holy day of gladness,. 

Wc will join in praises meet: 
Every bosom free from sadness — 

AIL with happiness replete. 
Oh to feci the leva of Jesus 1 * ' 

Oh to know that from abuv^e, 
Still our heavenly Father sees us ; 

With an eye of tsnder love ! 


3 Dearest children, now adore him •, 

Swell aloud the joyful strain : 
Let the nation bo v lofe'T, him— 

Echo bi.i :k ihe r.-Ues .i^nin.- . 
SV'niJts he wii! aeo^ic in; piiuoc* 

E'en iYuin every hc.rt :.ud tor.gue, 
1'hose to him an iuiant raises, 

Still i*re sweetest. of the sone. 


4 -Lord of all, our heart's oblation 

Now ascen is to thee alone : * 
We would come, with all the nation, 

Now to worship at the -throne. 
Teachers! will you join the -chorus? 

Join in hyming forth thy praise, 
Who, for our redemption, shows. us 

All the riches of his grace. 

Teachers and Children. 
5 Praise to thee, Lord, forever! 
GUdly now we all unite ; 
Praise to thee, Lord, the giver, 
Blessed Lord, of lite and light ! 
Ransomed nation, spread the story" 

Rescued people, ne'er give o'er, 
All his grace and all his glorj', 
Oh proclaim for evermore.- 



1 come, children, come to the Saviour to-day-, 
Come, for all things are ready, haste ye away: 

Chorus — Come and welcome, Come and . welcome, 

Come and welcome, welcome, welcome, we5- 
— come, 

Come and welcome to Jesus, nor longer delay- 

2 He invites you to come, to his words no-w attend, 

He calls vet in love. He's the children's best Friend: 
Chorus — C and welcome, to Jesus, the children's 
liind Friend. 

3 lie died that the souls <sf the children might live — 
He lives now in glory, their prayers to receive: 

Choiojs— Coin-e and welcome, to Jesus, repent and be- 


4 The Spirit says "Gome,", his gentle voice hearr 

To-dav 'irav for vard-m while Jesus is near ; 
Oiiobus-Cwhc and welcome, to Jesu*, while ha is so 


1 Watchman, tell as of the night, 

What its aigss of promise are: 
Traveler o'tr yon mountain's height, 

See that glory beaming star! 
Watchman, does its beauteeus ray 
Aught of hope or joy foretell?^ 
Traveler, yes ; it brings the day r 
Promised day of Israel. 
Chorus— Traveler, yes; it brings th.e day- 
Promised day ©f Israel. 

2 Watchman, 4 ell us of the night;. 

Higher yet ihat star ascends; 
Traveler, blessedness and light, 

Pease and- truth its course portends j 
Watchman, will, its beams alone- __ 

Gild the spat that gave them birth ? 
Traveler, ages are its own; 

See it bursts o'^r all the earth I 
Cnonus — Traveler, ages are its own, &c. 

3 Watchmaa : , teliusof theniglit, „ 
For the morning seems to dawn t 
Traveler, darkness takes its flight, 
-Doubt raid terror an- withdrawn. 
Watchman, let thy wa-nderings cease ; 

Hie th*e to thy quiet home: 
Traveler !o ! the Prince of Peace, 
Lu! the Son of God is come! 
■I0RU3-- Traveler, lo't the Piince of Peace, && 

H.TMNS. 45 


1 Go when the morning shineth, 

Go when the noon is bright, 
Go when the eve deciineth, 

Go in the hush of nighty 
Go with pure mind and feeling, 

Drive earthly'thoughts away, 
And, in thy closet kneeling, 

Do thou in secret pray. 

Remember al! who love thee, 

And who are loved by thee ; 
Pray, too, for those who hate thee, 

If any such there be ; 
Then, for thyself, in meekness, 

A blessing humbly claim, 
And pkad with each petition 

Thy great Redeemer's nimc. 

3 Or if 'tis e'er denied thee 

In solitude to pray, 
Should holy thoughts coma o'er thee, 

When f .iends are round thy way, 
E'en then the silent breathing, 

Thy spirit raised above, 
Will reach his throne of. glory, 

Where dwells eternal love. 


1 Come, little soldiers, join in our band, 
March for the kingdom, our promised land ; 
Fearless of danger, onward we roam : 
Jesus our leader is, soon we'll bo home. 
OBQttTjs— We're a 'little Pilgrim band, 
Guided by a Saviour's hand : 
Soon we'll reach our Fatherland, 
No mora to roam. 



2 Hark to the voices bidding us to come ! 
Angels rejoicing, beckon us borne : 

No more shall sadness nor sorrow oppress, 
Come, little Pilgrim band, tb-ere we shall rest. 
Chorus — We're a little pilgrim band, &c, 

3 Soon we shall never know sorrow more, 
But blest forever, God's love shall share; 
Soon we shall see him in his blest home, 
Eve*r still praising him ages t© come. 

Chohus — We're a little Pilgrim band, &o. 


■ 1 In the rosy light of the morning bright, 
Xjift the voice of praise on high ; 
From, the lips of youth to the God of truth, 
Let the joyful echoes By. 
Chorus — Sing praises, glad praises, sing, children, sing: 
Let. your songs arise to the lofty skies, 
And exult in God oar King. 

2 As he looked in love fiom the world above, 
Our distresses filled his eye : 
And a world to save, his own Son be gave-. 
On the bloody tree to, die. 
Chorus — Sing praises, &c. • 

8 Let his praise be spread, for the Lamb who bled 
To deliver us from woe ; 
He endured the cross, the disgrace, the lessj 
Let his praise for ever flow ! 
Cnouus — Sing praises, &c. 

4 Now, exalted high o'er the earth and sky, 
He delights in mercy still ; 
Bends his gracious ear our requests to. hear, 
And our longing souls to fill.* 
Chohvs— Sing praises, &c. 

HYMNS. 47 

5 On the cross he hung for the old and young 
But he loves the'children best ; ' 

To his arms .we'll fly, on his grace rely, 
And secure his promised rest. 
Chokus. — Sing praises, &c. 


l*We are out on the ocean sailing, 

Homeward bound, we sweetly glide. » 
We are out on the ocean sailing, 
To a home beyond the tide. 
Chorus, — All the storms will soon be over, 
Then we'll anchor-in the harbor; 
Wo are out on the ocean sailing 

To a home beyond the tide ; 

We are' out on the ocean sailing, 

To a home beyond the tide. 

2 Millions now are safely landed 

Over OJj the golden shore ; 
Millions now are on their journey, 
Yet there's room for millions more. 
Chorus. — All the storms, &c. 

3 Come on boird, 0! "ship" for glory, 

Be in haste — make up you>r mind! 
For our vessel's weighing anchor, 
You will soon be left behind ! 
Chokus.. — All the storms, &c. 

You have kindred over yonder, 
On that bright and happy shore f 

By-and-by we'll swell the number, 
When the toils of life are o'er. 
Chorus.— All the storms, &c. 


6 Spread your sails, while heavenly breezes 
t Gently waft oar vessel on ; 

All on board are sweetly singing— 
Free salvation is the song. 
Chorus. — All the storms, &c. 

6 When we all are safely anchored, 
We will shout— our trials o'er ! 
We will walk about the city^ ■ 
And we'll sing for evermore. 
Ceokus. — All the storms, &c. 

65 "HEAVENLY FATHER." 8's & T'f 

1 Heavenly Father grant thy blessing, % 
While thy praise we humbly sing, 
Sinful hearts and lives confessing, 
Nothing worthy can We bring. 
Yet thy book of love has taught us 
- Thou wilt kindly bow -thine ear, 
For the sake of him who brought us, 
"We may call and thou wilt hear. 

2 'What a boon to us is given, 

Thus to lift our voice on high, ■ 
Well assured the ear of heaven 

Hears our wants, and will supply. 
Weak and sinful, how often 
Must we'look to God alone, 
For his grace our hearts to soften, 
» And sustain us as his own. 

3 Bless, Lord, this happy meeting, 
While we stay and when we go, 
There ouf hearts in friendly greeting, 

Gli-'.v joii"' the pv;:'se •^•\~^7i,- 
But all eaiclily unions ss^r — 
All their pleasures quickly fly, 
* . ! for grace to praise thee ever 
T:^-bet::: -.._i! . ' '^ 

HYMNS. 49 


1 Oh come let U3 sing ! 

Our youthful hearts now swelling ; 
» i.'o God above, a God of Iovei 
Oh come, let us sing ! 
Our joyful spirits glad and free, 
•<With high emotions rise to thee 
In heavenly mc-loijy — 
Oh come, let us Eing ! 

2 The full notes prolong-; 
Our festal celebrating, 

We hail the day with cheerful lay, 

And full notes prolong. 
Both cheerful youth and silvery age. 
And childhood pure, the gay, the sago. 
These thrilling scenes engage, 

Full notesto prolong. 

3 Oh swell, swell the song, 
His praises oft repeating: 

"His Son he gave our souls to save — 

Oh swell, swell the song. 
■The humble heart's devotion bring, 
Whence gushing streams-of love do spring, 
And make the welkin ring' 

With sweet-swelling song. 

4 We'll chant, chant his praise— 
Our lofty strains now blending: 

A tributa bring to Christ our King, 
And chant, chant his praise ! 

0::r $:></;•, ur, Pri;ic-'. was ;:ri:cifi' -cl, 
'„'T^ finished ," then he mrcki- one,"!, 
And LiOwou„his huiiU and die<i — 
Then chant, chant his praise ! 


5 All full chorus join, 
To Jesus condescending, 
To bless our race with heavenly grace 

All full chorus join ! 
To God, whose mercy on us- smiled, 
And Holy Spirit, reconciled 
By Christ, the meek and mild, 

M\ full chorus join ! 


l"IIow pleasant here again to meet; 

How joyful thus to raise 
Our tuneful notes in songs so sweet, ' 

To our Redeemer's praise. 
To us he has been ever kind ; 

blessed be his name ; 
He bears us still upon his mind ; 

His love remains the same. 

2 Then let us strive, while we have breath, 

His precepts t) obey; 
For soon the solemn hour of death - 

Will summon us away. 
The dear delights we now enjoy 

Will then have passed asvay ; 
But heav'n affords more sweet employ 
'Thro' one eternal day. 

3 To our dear friends, assembled here, 

A debt of love we owe, 
For acts of kindness, year by year, 

Which they on us bestow. 
May God in mercy bless them all 

With hope, and joy, and peaco, 
And with us meet, when he shall c*II, 
■ Where pleasures never cease. 


1 Awake ! Awake ! Year bed forsake, 

To God your praises pay ; 
The morning sun is clear and bright : 
How precious isthe sacre'd light ! 
With songs of love Praise God above, 

It is the Sabbath day. 

2 Before the morn Awaked the dawn, 

The blessed Saviour rose ; 
He conquer'd death, and left the grave, 
While soft across the placid wave, 
The morning star Shone forth afar, 

And vanquished all his foes. 

8 The angels bright, From worlds of light, 

To greet his rising came ; 
The Prince of life with joy they view, 
While heav'n his glories o'er him threw; 
Then haste to fly Above the sky, 

Their raptures to proclaim. 


1 Sing, oh sing the song of gladness ; 
Joy becomes this happy scene ; 
See the earth her wintry sadness 

Wears no more, but robes of green ; 
Brightly now our waving banners 

Float upon the gentle breeze, 
While the tide of glad hosannas 
Pours its choral melodies. 
Chorus — Sing, oh sing, his praises bringing, 
While the ringing skies resound ; 
Bocks and hills, and tower and dwelling, 
Send the swelling chorus round. 


2 Sing bis mercy '.hst doth keep u« 
- While o\n are flitting by ; 
Pouring all its richest treasures, 
Guarding with a father's eye— - 
Countless as the stars of heaven, 

Richer far t'Uan golden store, 
Are the blessings he has given, 
Freely as the summer's shower. 

Chobus— Sing, oh sing, &c. 

8 Sing His love, all love surpassing ! 
How his only son he gave 
On the cruel cross to suffer, 

From its doom the soul to save. 
Children, will you hear the story, 

And refuse his pardoning love ? , 
Come, oh come, and share his glory 
In the worlds of light above. 
Chokus — Sing, oh sing, &c. 


1 The Bible ! the Bible! more precious than gold 
The hopes and the glories its pages unfold ; 

s It speaks, of a Saviour; and tells of his love; 
It shows us the way to the mansions above. 

2 The Bible ! the BibleJ blest volume of truth, 
How sweetly it smiles on the season of youth ! 
It bids us seek early the pearl of great price, 
Ere th' heart is' enslaved in the bondage of vice. 

§ The Bible ! the Bible ! we hail it with joy, 

Its truths and its glories our tongues shall employ, 
We.'ll sing of its triumphs, we'll tell of its worth, 
And send its glad tidings afar o'er th® earth. 

4 The Bible ! the Bible ! the valleys shall ring, 
And bill-topgye echo the notes that we siiag ; 
Our banners, inscribed with its precepts and rule?, 
gball long wave in triumph," the joy of our Schools. 



1 What to me are earth's pleasures, and what its flow- 

ing tears ? 
What are all the sorrows I deplore ? 
There's a song ever swelling, still lingers on my ears, 
Oh, sorrow shall come again no more. 

Chorus. — 'Tis a song from the home of the weary, 
Sorrow, sorrow, is forever o'er ; 
Happy now, ever happy on Canaan's peaceful 
Oh, sorrow sliall come again no more. 

2 I seeli not earthly glory, nor mingle with the gay ; 

I court not this world's gilded store - r 
There are voices now calling from the bright realms of 
Oh, sorrow shall come again no more ! 
Chorus. — 'Tis a song, &c. 

3 Though here I'm sad and drooping, and weep my life. 

With a lone heart still clinging to the shore, 
Yet I hear happy voices which ever seem to say, 
On, sorrow shall come again no more ! 
Chorus. — Tis a song, &c. 

4 'Tis a note that is wafted across tha troubled wave j, 

'Tis a song that I've heard upon the shore ; 
'Tis a sweet thrilling murmur, around the Christian's 
grave ; . 
Oh, sorrow shall come again no morel 
Chokus. — 'Tis a song, &c. 

5* 'Tis the loud pealing anthem — the victor's holy song, 
Where the strife and the conflict are o'er: 
Where the saved ones forever, in joyous notes prolong, 
Oh, sorrow shall come again no more 1 
Chorus. — 'Ti's a song, &q, 



1 I know 'tis Jesus loves my* soul, 

And makes the wounded sinner whole; 
My nature is by sin defiled,' 
Yet Jesus loves a little child. 
Chorus. — Sweetly, sweetly, sweetly singing, [brinj? 
Let us praise him, praise him, praise him, 
Happy voices, voices, voices ringing, 
Like the songs of angels around the throne. 

2 How kind is Jesus, how good ! 
'Tvras for my soul he shed his blood, 
For children's sake he was reviled, 
For Jesus loves a little child. 

Chorus.— Sweetly singing, &c. 

3 When I offend by thought or tongue, 
Omit the right, or do the wrong, 

If I repent, he's reconciled, 
For Jesus loves a little child. 
Ciiorus. — Sweetly singing, &c. 

4 To mo may Jesus now impart, 
Although so young, a gracious heart ; 
Alas ! I'm oft by sin defiled, 

Yet Jesus loves a little child. 
Chorus.— Sweetly singing, &c. 


1 Behold! behold ! the Lamb of God, 

On the cross, on the cross, 
For you he shed his precious blood, 

On the cross, on the cross. 
Now hear his all-jmportant cry; 
" E!oi lama sabachthani ;" - 
Draw near and see your Saviour dia 

Oa the cross, on the cross. 

imgsrs. -55 

2 Where'er I go, I'll tell the story 

O'f the cross, of the cross, 
In nothing else my soul shall glory, 

Save the cross, save the cross. 
Tes, this my constant theme shall to, 
Through time and in eternity, • 
That Jesus suffered death for ms 

On the cross, on the cross- 

S Let every mourner-come and cling 

To the cross, to the cross, 
Let every Christian come and sing, 

Raund the cross, round the crqss. 
Here let the preacher take his stand, 
And with, the Bible in his hand, 
Proclaim the triumphs of the Lamb, 

On the cross, on the cross. 


1 Rock of Ages ! cleft for me ; 
Let me hide myself in thee ! 
Let the water «nd the blood, 
From .thy riven side that flowed, 
Be of sin the double cure — ■ 
Cleanse me ffom its guilt and power. 

2 Could my zeal no respite know, 
Could my tears foievcr Row— 
All for sin could not atone : 
Thou must save, and thou alone ! 
Nothing in my hand I bring ; 
Simply to thy cross I cling. 

3 While I draw this fleqting bre?th; 
When my eyelids close in death, 
When I soar to worlds unknown, 
See thee on thy judgment throne- 
Rock of Ages! cleft for me, 

Let me hide myself in thee I ■ 



1 Blest be the tie that binds 

Our hearts in Christian love ; 
The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is^ike to that above. 

2 Before our father's throne 

We poor our ardent prayers : 
■ Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, 
Our comforts and our cares, 

8 We share our mutual woes.; 
Our mutual burdens bear ; 
And often for each other flows 
*" f he sympathizing tear. 

& When we asunder part 
It gives us inward„pain, 
But we shall still be joined in heart, 
And hepe to meet again. • 

5 This glorious hope revives 
Our courage by the way ; 
While each in expectation lives, 
And longs to see the day. 

€ From sorrow, toil and pain, 
, And sin we shall be free.-, 
And perfect love and friendship reign 
Through all eternity. 



t l From all th?t d^eu h^iow ;-ho rides, 
Le' r . the Csv?ff;r'j . .svisc ar:;-e ; 
Let the Redeemer's praise be sung, 
Thro' every land, by every tongue. 

. IIYMSS. 57 

2 Eternal are thy mercies. Lord, 

_ Eternal truth attends thy word ; » 

Thy name shall sound from shore to shore, 
Till suns shall rise and sot no-more. 

3 In every land begin the song - 7 

In every land the strains prolong ; 
'in cheerful songs all voices raise, 
And fill the world with loudest praise. 

• C. M, " 

1 All hail the power of Jesus' name! 

Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the royal diadem, ., 
And crown him Lord of all. 

2 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 

Ye ransomed frem the fall ; 
Hail him who saves you by his grace, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

3 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall : 
Go, spread your triumphs at his feet, 
And crown him Lord cf all. 

4 Let every kinctred.every tribe 

On this terrestrial ball, 
To him all majesty ascribs, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

- S that, with yonder sacred throng, 
We at his feet may fall ; 
"We'll join the everlasting song, 
And crown him Lord of all. 





1 I think, when I read that sweet story ©fold, 

When Jesus was here among men 
How he called little children as lambs to his fold 
I should like to have been with them then. ' 

2 Jewish' that his hands hid been placed ©n my head 

That his arm had been thrown around «ie, . ' 
And that I might have seen his kind look when he said 
• " Let the little ones come unto me." ' 

o Yet still to his,' foot-stool in prayer I may g 
And ask for a.share in hTsJove : ' ' 

And if I thus earnestly seek him below, 
I shall see him and hear him above. 

- In that beautiful place he has gone to prepare 
For all who are washed and forgiven ; ' 

And many dear children are gathering' there, 
" For of such is the kingdom of heaven." 



1 Teacher, watch the little feet. 

Walking through the meadows fair, 
Wand'ring thro' the crowded streets, 
. Scarcely heard or noticed there. 
Never count the labor lost, 
Never heed the pains it cost, 
Little feet will go astray, 
Teacher, watch them while you may. 

Teacher, watch the little hands, 

Busy, busy, all the day, 
Making forts with straws and sands, 

Plucking roses by the way. 

HYMNS. 59 

Never deem the labor lost, 
Never heed the pains it cost, 
Little hands hereafter may 
Nations and their hist'ry sway. 

3 Teacher, watch the little lips, 

4 Lisping sweet and pleasant words, 
Sometimes their soft utterance trips, 
Discord in the notes of birds. 
Never deem the labor lost, 
Never heed the pains it cost, 
Little lips " sometimes proclaim 
Blessings in a Saviour's nam?.'' 

4 Teacher, watch the little heart, 

Pulsing here with hope and love, 
Truthful lessons here impart, 

Leading to our home above. 
Never deem the labor lost, 
Never heed the pains it cost, 
Little hearts hereafter may 
Control the children 1 of to-day. 


1 Christmas bells are ringing, -ringing, 

O'er the land ttiumphantly ; 

Children's voices singing, singing, 

Sound a joyous jubilee.* 
7 Tis the day' the wondrous sign, 

Broke the wise men's calm repose ; 
Newly robed in rays divine, 
The star of Bethlehem arose. 
Chorus. — Christmas bcrls'are tinging, ringing, 
O'er the land triumphantly ; 
Children's voices singing^ singing, 
Sound a ' -"oiis jubilee. 


2 Soft the world liy dreaming, dreaming, 
» On the morning of his birth ; 

Its pure snow veil gleaming, gleaming;, 

When the Christ-.child came on earth. 
He's the priceless pearl wo hail, 

Sent us from a Father's hand ; 
A fount of life thct shall -net fall, 
A rock in a weary land 
Chorus. — Christmas bells are ringing, ringing; &o. 

3 Angel hymns are pealing,pealing, 
Thro' the depths of yonder, sky ; 
Ransomed saints are kneeling, kneeling, 

Kneeling at the throne en high, 
With grateful voices come we now, 

Come, both hearts and hands to lift ; 
Lord of Life to thee we bow, 
And thank thee for thy gift. 
Ohorus. — Christmas bells are ringing, rip.giB?, &c 


1 Just as I am, without one pie*, 

Bat that thy blood was shed for me, 
And that thou bid'st me come to the?, 
Lamb of God, I come! 

2 Just as I am — and waiting not 

* To rid niy soul of one dark blot, 

To thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot, 
© Lamb of God, I come ! 

3 Just as I am — though toss'd about 
^ r ith ro^ny °i. confix mor^y ;• d'-r. St., 
With fears within »nd wars without — 

Lamb of God, I come! 

HYMN J, 61 

4 Just as I am— poor, wretched, blind ; 
pight, riches, healing of the mind, 
Yea, all 'I need, in thee to find, 

Lamb of God, I come I 

5 Just as I am — thou wilt receive, 

Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 
Because thy promise I believe — 
Lamb of God, I come ! 

6 Just as I am — ihy love unknown 
Has broken every barrier down : 
Now to be thine, yea, thine alone, 

Lamb of God, I come ! 


1 When snail we meet again ? 

-Meet ne'er to sever ? 
When will peace wreathe her chain 

Round us forever ? 
Our hearts will ne'er repose, 
Safe from each blast that blows, 
In this^dark vale of woes— 
Never — no, never ! 

2 When shall love freely flow 

Pure as life's river ? 
When shall sweet friendship glow 

Changeless forever ? 
Where joys celestial thrill, 
Where bliss each heart shall fill, 
And fears of parting chill 

Never — no never ? 

3 Up to that w>rld of light 

Take us, uoar Saviour: 
Ma> u's iiil t are unite, 
Happy forever ; 


Where kindred spirits dwell, 
There may our music swell, 
And time our joys dispel 
Never— no never ! 

4 Soon shall we meet again? 

Meet ne'er to sever? 
Soon will peace wreathe her chain 

Round us 'forever ? 
Our hearts will then repose, 
Secure from earthly woes, 
Our songs of praise shall close — • 

Never — no, never ! • 


1 'Tis religion that can give- 

In the light, in the light: 
Sweetest pleasure while we live — 

In the light of God. 
'Tis religion must supply- 
In the light, in the light ; 
Solid comfort when we die — 
In the light of God. 
Chorus -Let "us walk in the light- 
Walk in the light : 
Let us walk in the light — 
In the light of God. 

2 After death its joys shall be — 

In the light, in the light; 
Lasting as eternity — 

'In the light of God. 
Be the living God my Friend— 

In the light, in the light: 
Then my bliss shall never end — 

In the light of God» 
CHonus—Lct us walk, &c. 


74 ARIEL. 

1 This vast assembly now convened, 
Teachers and scholars in one band, 

What offerings do we bring ? 
The grateful heart would we return, 
And our unworlhiness would mourn, 

Then let us humbly sing. 

2 He who with loving kindness crowns 
Our pathway, in this woild below, _^ 

Deserves our highest praise : 
To him, then, let our notes ascend : 
Our Guardian— our Almighty friend — 

In cheerful, grateful lays? 

3 In all things, Lord ! thy hand we see: 
Do thou our "cloud and pillar" be. 

To lead u"s through a land 
"Where Satan tempts— the world allures, 
Where nothing but thy truth endures — 

Oh ! give us grace to stand. 

■ 4 The Sabbath day's sweet rest is ours, 
And swift do fly its sacred hours, 

While listening to thy Word, 
From kind instructors Thou hast given 
To show our souls the way to heaven, 
. . And lead us unto God. 

5 Oh ! let us swell the strains anew, . 
And glory give vlhere it is due: 
Yes, Saviour ! we repeat, 
.That thou hast kept, preserved, and fed, 
And from our number many led 
To worship at thy feet. 



1 V^e love to sing together, 

We love to sing together, 
Our hearts and voices one ; 

To praise cur heavenly Father, 
To praise our Heavenly Father, 

And his eternal son. 

We love, we love, we love, we love, we lovo to sing * 

gether ; 
We love, we love, we love, we love, we love to sing t 


We love to pray together, 
To Jesus on his throne, 
And ask that he will ever 
Accept us as his own. * 

We love, we love, &c. 

We love to read together 
The Word of saving truth 

TFhose light is shining ever 
To guide our early youth, 

We love, we love. &. 

We love to bs together 
Upon the Sabbath day, 

And strive to help each other 
Along the heavenly way. 

We lave, we love, & 

HYMNS, 65 


1 Jesus, my all to heaven fa .gone : 
He whom I fix my hopes upon : 
His track I see, and I'll pursue 
The narrow way- till him I view. 

CnoKus : Oh ! who's like Jesus who died on the tree 
He died for you, he died for me, 
He died to set poor sinners free, 
Oh ! who's like Jesus who died on the tree ? 

2 The way the holy prophets went, 
The road that leads from banishment : 
The King's highway of holiness 

I'll g'o, for all his paths are peace. 

Chokus.— Ob, who's like Jesus, &c. 

3 This is the way I long have sought. 
And mourned because I found it not ; 
My grief and burden long has been, 
Because I was not saved from sin. 

CnoKus. — Oh! who's-like Jesus, &c. 

4 The more I strove against if s power, 
- I felt its weight and guilt the more ; 

Till late I heard my .Saviour sajr, 
"' Come hither soul, I am the way." 

Ciioeus.— Oh, who's like Jesus, &c. 

5 Lo ! glad I come, and thou blest Lnrob, 
Shalt take me to thee, whose I am ; 
Nothing but sin have I to give, 
Nothing but love shali I receive. 

Crioitus.— Oh ! who's like Jesus, &c. 


6 Then will I tell to sinners round, 
What a dear Saviour I have found : 
I'll point to thy redeeming blood, 
And say,, "Behold the way to God." 

Choiuts. — Oh! who's like Jesus,' &c. 

77 Tusk, 1'iuirU Floicer.'" 

1 Oh ! the Sabbath morning, beautiful and bright, 
Joyfully, we hail its golden light ; 

All the gloomy shadows chasing far away, 
Bringing us the pleasant day. 

Chorus. — Day calm and holy— day nearest Heaven, 
Day which a Father's love has given : 
Oh! the Sabbath morning! beautiful and bright,,, 
Glad we hail its golden light. 

2 All the days of labor ended one by one, 
Glad are we the sjx days' work is done ; 
Glad to have a day of sweet and holy rest, 
"lis the day that God has blest. 

Cnonus.— Day calm and holy, &t. 

3 Let us spend the moments of this holy day, 

So tljat when they all have passed away, ^ '" 

Sweet 'twill he to think— the quiet Sabbath ev'r 
Brings us one day nearer heav'n. 
CiioKUS.—Day calm and holy, <ic. 


1 Lord, we come before thee now, 
At thy feet we humbly bow ; 
Oh ! do not our suit disdain ; 
Shall wc seek thee, Lord, in vain ? 

2 Lord, on thee our souls depend; 
In compassion now descend ; 

Fjll our hearts with heavenly grace 
Tune our lips toeing thy praise. 

8 In thine own app-iau-d way, 
Now we seek thee, — here we stay ; 
Lord, we know not how to go, 
Till a blessing thou bestow. 

7 ( J L, M. • 

1 Lord, behold before thy throne 

A band of children lowly bend ; 
Thy face we seek, thy name wo own, 
And pray that thou wilt be- our friend. 

2 Thou didst on eaith the young receive, 

And gently fold them to thy breast, 
And say that such in heaven should live 
Forever safe, forever blest. 

3 The Holy Spirit's aid impart, ' 

That he may teach us how to pray ; 
Make us sincere, and let each heart 
Delight to treid in wisdom's way. 


4 Ob, let thy grace oar hearts renew, 
And seal a sense of pardon there ; 
Teach us thy will to know and do, 
And let us all thine image bean 


.80 C. M. - 

1 Lord, teach a little child to pray, 

Thy grace betimes impart^ 
■ And grant thy Holy Spirit may 
Renew my infant heart. 

2 A fallen creature I was born, 

And from thy f,race I strayed ; 
I must be wretched and forlorn 
" Without thy. mercy's aid. 

8 But Christ can all my sin;-; forgive, 
And wash away their stain, 
And fit my soul with him to live, 
• And in his kigdom reign. 

L. M. 

1 Prom every stormy wind that blows, 
From every swelling tide, of woes, 

• There is a calm, a sure retreat, 
"lis found before the mercy seat. 

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds 
The oil of gladness on our heads, 

A place of all on earth most sweet, 
It is the blood boujht mercy ;,eat. 

S There is a scene where spirits blend, 

Where friend holds lellowship with friend. 
Though sundered fur, by faith they meet 
Around one common mercy seat. 

A There, there on eagle wings we soar, 
And sin and sense molest no more ; 
And heaven comes down our souls to greet, * 
And glory crowns .the mercy seat. 

82 "S-M. 

, 1 Come, ye that love the Lr.rci, 
And let your joys be known ; 
Join in a song with sweet accTml, 
And thus surround the throne. 

2 Let those refuse to sing, 
Who never knew our God ; 
But servants of the Jieavenly King 
Should speak their joys abroad, 

8 The hill ofZion yields 

A thousand sacred- sveets, 
Before we reach the heavenly field* 
Or walk the golden streets. 

A Then let our songs abound, 
And -every tear be dry ; 
We're marching through Tmmanuel's grouni 
To fairer world-; ob hip;h. 


8's & 7's. 

1 Come thou fount of every blessing,. 

Tune my heart to sing thy grace f. 
Streams of mercy never ceasing, - 
Call for songs of loudest praise. 

2 Teach me some melodious sonnet, 

Sung by flaming tongues above ; 

Praise the 1 morait— fix me on it, 

Mount of God's unchanging love. 

3 Here I raise mine Ebenezer, 

Hither by thy help I'm come; 
-And I hope, by thy good pleasure, 
. Safely to arrive at home. 

4 Jesus sought m-e when a stranger, 

Wand'ring from the fold of God, 
He to save my soul from danger. 
Interposed his precious blood. 

5 0, to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I'm constrained to be ? 
Let that grace, Lotd like a fetter, 
Bind my wandeiing heart to thec ! 

6 Prone to wander, Lord I feel it ; 

Prone to leave the God I love- 
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal 
Seal it for thy courts above. 

HYMNS. 71 

«A 0. M. 

1 Comf, children, hail the Prince of Peace, 

Obey the "Saviour's call; 
Come seek his face, and taste his grace, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

2 Ye Lambs of Christ, your tribute bring, 

Ye children, great and small, 
Hosanna sing to Christ your .King,; ' 
Oh, crown him Lord of all. 

3 This Jesus "will you' - sins forgive ; 

Oh, haste ! before him fall; 
Fcr you he died, that you might live 
iTo crow« him Lord of all. 

5 • -C. M. 

1 See the kind -Shepherd, Jesus stand?, 

With all engaging charms ; 
Hark how he calls the tender lambs, 
And folds them in his arms. 

2 '' Permit them to approach," he crres,. 

" Nor scorn' their humble name ; 
For 'twas to bless such souls as these. 
The Lord of angels came." 

3 ile'irieao! us to the heavenly streams, 
Where living waters Dow ; 
And guide us to the fruitful fields, 
Where trees of knowledge grow; 


4 The feeblest lamb amidst the flock, 
Shall be its Shepherd's care ; 
'While folded in the Saviour's arms, 
"We're safe from every snare. 

86 C. M. 

1 Jesus I iove thy charming name ;, 

'Tis music to my ear; 
Fain would I sound it out so loud- 
That heaven and earth might hear. 

2 Yes, thou art precious to m}' soul, 

My transport an 1 my trust ; 
Jewels to thee are gaudy toys, 
And gjld is sordid dust. 

3 Thy grace shall dwell upon my heart, 

And sTied its fragrance there ;■ 
The noblest balm of all its wouads, 
The cordial of its care. .. 

4 I'll speak the hono'urs of thy name 

With my last laboring breath ; 
Then, speechlass, clasp thee in my arms. 
The antidote of death. 

C. M. 

flntas humble pinner, in eanfc 
A thousand thoughts revolve ; 

Come, with your guilt and fear oppjxss'd, 
AaJ.make this last resolve. 

TIYMK?. 7f 


'"2 I'll fro to Jesus though my pin 
T1 '' !-, ,; i-ea :r, r ,H.''"'i- r.'W ■ 
I know hi.s court.-, I'll enter in 
Whatever may oppose. 

-3 Perhaps he will admit my plei, 
Perhaps will bear my prayer; 
But if I perish I will pray, 
And perish only there. 

■A I can but perish if I go • 
I am resolved to try ,: 
'For if I stay away I know 
I niuit forever die. 

'■58 (J. M. 

1 Alas ! and did my Siviour bleed ? 

And did my sovereign die ? 
'Would lie devote that sacred head 
For such a worm as I ? 

2 Was it for crimes that I had done 

•lie groaned upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity 1 grace unknown '! 
( And love beyond degree ! 

-3 Well might the sun in darkness hide, 
And shut his glories in, 
When God, the. mighty Maker, died 
For man the creature's sin. 

' -4 Thus might! hide my blushing face 
While his dear cross appears, 
Dissolve my. heart in thankfulness, 
-And melt mine eyes to. tears. 


5 But drops. of grief can ne'er repay 
The debt of love I owe : 
Here, Lord, I give myself away ;, 
'Tis all that I ean do. 

80 L. Mi 

1i Show pity, Lord,0 Lord, forgive:: 
Let a repenting rebel live ; 
Aie not thy mercies large and free ? 
May not a sinner trust in thee ? 

2 wash my soul from every sin, 

And make my guilty conscience clean I 
Here on my heart the burden lies, 
And past offences pain my eyes. 

3 My lips with shame my guilt confess, 
The power and glory of thy grace ; 
Lord, should thy judgments grow severe, 
I am condemn'd, but thou art elear. 

4'- Yet save a trembHn-g sinner, Lord, 

Whose hope, slilL hovering round thy word, 
Would light on some sweet promise there, 
Some sure support against despair. 

DO Cs & 4s. 

1 Nearer, my God, to thee-, 
Nearer to thee ! 
E'en though it be a cross 

That raiseth me ! 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to thee,. 
Nearer to thee ! 

HYMNS. %■< 

2 Though, like the wanderer 

The sun gone down, 
Darkness be over me, 

My reft a stone, 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God to thee, 

Nearer to thee ! 

3 There let -the way appear, 

Steps unto heaven ; 
All that thou sendest me, 

In mercy given; 
Angels to beckon me, 
Nearer, my God to thee, 

Nearer to thee ' 

4 Then, with my waking thoughts 

'Bright with thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel I'll raise; 
Sj by my woes to be,- • 
Nearer, my God to thee, 

Nearer to thee ! 

5 Or if on joyful wing, 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon and stars forget, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee ! 

'$1 CM. 

1 Father, what e'er of earthly bliss 
Thy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at thy throne of grace.. 
.Let this petition rise : — 


i t> ' SA'BBATH SCBO&a 

2 Give hie a calm, a thankful heart,., 
. From every murmur free, 
The blessings of thy grr.ce imrair, 
And make me Htc to thee. 

8 'Let the sweet hope that thou' art mine-,. 
My life and death attend ;: 
Thy presence through my journey shine ; . 
And crown- ray journey's end. 


92 L..-M; • 

1 Asleep in Jesus !' Me.-.seJ sleep !' 
From which none ev^v wakes to weep ;-„ 

A calm snd undisturbed repose, . 
Unbroken by the last of foes. 

2 Asleep in Jesus ! Oh, how sweet 
To be for such a slumber meet! 
With holy confidence to sing 
That death has lest its cruel sting. 

3 Asleep in Jesus !' peaceful rest ! 
Whose waking is supremely blest; 
No fesr, no vjc.e, shall dim that hour 
That manifests the Saviour's power. 

Sav, brother?, will you laeel us 

On Canaan's happy shore? 
By the grace < f God we'll nreet yoa„ 
* Where pasting is no more. 

- « . HYMNS. 

2 Say, sisters, will you mcet'us 
On Canaan's happy shore ! 
By the grace of God we'll meet yon 
Where parting -is no more. 

8 Jesus lives and reigns forever, 
On Canaan's happy shore ! 
Glory, glory, hallelujah, 
Forever, evermore ! 


84 C. M. 

1 When T can read my title clear, 
To mansion in the skies, 
I'll bid farewell to every fear, 
And wipe rey weeping eyes. 

■ 2 Should earth pgainst my soul engage, 
And fiery disrts be hurl'd, 
Then I cm junile at Satan's rage, 
And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares like a wild deluge come, 

And storms of sorrow falb; 
May I but safely reach my home, . . 
- , My God, my heaven, my all, 

4 There shall T b.-.lbo my weary soul 

In seas of heavenly real-, 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Across roy npicfful hreost. 


95 8s & 7s. 

1 Gently, Lore],. 3 ! gently leid us, 

Through this lonely vale of te.irs ; 
Through the changes thou'st decreed us, 

Till our last great change appears, 
When temptation's darts assail us, 

When in devious paths, we stray, 
Let thy goodness never fail us, 

Lead us in thy perfect way. 


In the hour of pain and anguish, 

In the hour when, death draws near. 
Suffer notour hearts to languish, 

Suffer not our souls to fear, 
And when mortal life is ended, 

Bid us in thine arms to rest' 
Till by angel bands attended, 

We awake among the blest. 

&"6 S. M. 

1 I was a wandering sheep, 
I did not love the fold ; 

I did not love my Shepherd's voice, 
I would controlled"; ■ 

I was a wayward child, 
I did not love my home, 

I did not love my Father's voice;, 

. J loved afar to ream. 

; HYMNS, 79 

SrTbe Shepherd. sought the sheep, 

The Father sought his child ; 
They followed me o'er vale and hil4 

O'er deserts waste and wild ; 
They found me nigh to death, 

Famished, and faint, and lone ; 
They bound me with the bands of love, 

They saved the wandering one. 

3*^Jesus my Shepherd is, 

'Twas he that saved my soul, 
'Twas he that washed me in hisblood, 

'Twas he that made me whole ; 
'Twas he that sought the lost, 

That found the wandering sheep, 
'Twas he that brought me to the fold, 

"lis ho that still doth keep. 

■£ No more a wandering sheep, 

I love to be controlled, 
I love my tender Shephfrd's voice, 

I love the peaceful fold - r 
No more a wayward child, 

I seek no more to roam, 
I love my heavenly father's voico, 

I love, I love his honje. 

97 C. U. 

1 Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, 
Unuttered or expressed, 
The motion of a hidden fire, 
That trembles in the breast. 


2 Prayer n the bnrden of a si^h 

The falling of a tc»r, 
The upward ghncing of sa eye ', 
• When none but God is near. 

3 Prayer is the simplest form of speech 

That infant lips can try ; 
Prayer, the sublimest strains that reach 
The Majesty on high. 

4 P raver is the Christian's vital breath, 

The Christian's native air, 
His watchword at the gates of death 
He enters heaven with prayer. 

S>8 'S.-M, 

1 How pleasant is the dawn 

Of this delightful day ; 
Now, with ouv teachers, let us join, 
To read, and prai^jj, and pray. 

2 And may the God of love 

Their kind endeavors own, 
That we and they may meet above 
To sing before his throne, 

8 Dear Saviour ! hear our cry, 
grant us all thy grace ; 
And make us fit while here below, 
To dwell before thy face,. " 

HYMNS. 81 

L. M. 

1 Dear children! have you over thought 

That you will come to school in vain 
Unless you think of what you're taught, 
And try instruction to obtain ? 

2 Allow no idle thought or look, 

Let no disturbing sound be heard ; 
And when you read God's holy book, 
" Be sure you mind it every word. 

3 His holy word is written there, 

For our. instruction 'tis designed ; 
Then surely we should never dare_ 
To read it with a thoughtless mind. 


300 P. -M. 

1 How blest is this hour, 

The hour of happy greeting, 
While here we sit at Jesus' feet, 

How blest is the hour! • 
He kindly bids us all draw near, 
His winning accents banish fear. 
His voice we love to hear 
At this blessed hoar. 

2 come, le't us pray 
To Jesus, interceding 

With God above for pardoning love ; 

come, let -us pray. 
With humble hearts before his face., 
Now let us seek forgiving grace, 
He hears the soul that prays, 
Come, then, let us pray. 


101 7s. 

1 In this happy school we meet 

How much longer none can tell j 
Some, perhaps, to- day we greet, 
Who must bid us soon farewell. 

2 Blessed Saviour, full ot love, 

Take these dear ones in thy care ; 
Gently draw their hearts above, 
Let them in thy kindness share. 

3 Spared by thee till now we live ; 

Still thy mercy we implore ; 

Unto thee our hearts we give : 

Keep us, save us, evermore.. 

102 Ts. 

1 Glory to the Father give, 

Goil in whom we move and live-, 
Children's prayers he deigns to hear, 
Children's songs delight his ear. 

2 Glory to the Son we bring, 

Christ, our Prophet, Priest, and King ; 
Children raise your sweetest strain, 
To the Lamb for he was slain. 

3 Glory to the Holy Ghost ; 
Be this day a Pentecost ; 
Children's minds may he inspire, 
Touch their tongues with holy fire. 

HYMNS. 83 

■1 Glory to the highest ho 

To the blessed Trinity, 
For the gospel from above, 

For the word, that " God is love." 

103 • 6s & 4.3 

1 Come, let our voices raise, 
A song of grateful praise, 

And thankful love ; 
Let each a tribute bring, 
Let all awake and sing, 
Praise to our heavenly King, 

"\Vho dwells above. 

2 The gospel's sacred page 
Reveals to every age 

Salvation free. 
Oh, send the joyful sound ! 
And let it echo round, 
Till praises loud resound, 

O God to thee ! 

3 Accept our offerings, Lord, 
To spread thy truth abroad, ' 

Our labors own ! 
At length, at- thy right hand 
May we together stand, 
And with the angel-band 

Surround thy throne I 


104 6s 7s & &f. . 

1 Hear, children, mercy- bails you 
Now with sweetest voice she calls : 
Bids you haste t'> seek the Saviour, 
Ere the hand of justice falls ; 

Trust in Jesus ; 
'lis the voice of mercy calls. 

Haste, children, to the Saviour, 
Seek.his mercy, while yon may j 

Scon the day of grace is over; 
Soon your life must pass away ! 

Haste to Jesus ; 
You must peiishlf you stay. 


1 Come, my soul, in joyful lays 

Attempt thy great Redeemer's praise; 
But 0, what tongue can speak his fame ? 
"What verse can reach the lofty theme: 

Glory, glory, let us sing , 

While heav'n and earth with glory ring, 

llosanna ! hosanna ! 
Hosanna to the Lamb of God, 
€!lory, glory, let us sing, &c. 

3 Enthroned amid the radiant spheres, 
He glory like a garment wears ; 
I To ibi m a lobe of light 'divine, 

Ten thousand suns around him shin?. 
Glory, glory, &c. 

imrNS. 85 

3 : Raised en devotion's lofty wing, 
Do thou, my soul, bis glories sing ; 
And let his praise employ my tongue 
Till listening worlds shall join the song, 
Glory, gloty, &o. . 


1 The soul on earth is doomed to pine ' 

For rest, sweet rest; 
'Tis heaven alone, in joys* divine,. 

Can give it rest.. 
There with brightest angels glowing, 
Joyful anthems ever flowing, 
Jesus seeing, loving, knowing,. 

Is rest, sweet rest ! 

2 Life is a sad and weary da}', 

It gives no rest ; 
In care and pain it wears away,. 

And brings no rest, * 

But earth's sorrows have their measure, 
Ending in eternal pleasure, 
"When in heaven we find the treasure 

Of rest, sweet rest ! 

8 Then let us trust 'mid good and ill, 

The promised rest; 
Since trial here will swecteen still. 

Our heavenly rest. 
Joy from trouble wc may borrow, 
Pleasure from our hours of sorrow, 
While we wait the dawning morrow 

Of heaven's sweet rest 1. 




1 When the day with rosy light, 
On the Sabbath morn appears 
And the dusky shades of night,' 

Melt, away in dewy tears • 
To the Sabbath school we go, 

_ Glad to hear instruction there ; 
Sing the songs that sweetly flow,' 
And join the solemn prayer. 

boys. GIRLS. 

Sing the song, Sing the song, 
[both] Sing the songs that sweetly flow, 
And join tho_ solemn prayer. 

2 Softly on the Sabbath air, 

Swell our hymns of grateful love ; 
Jesus listens to our pray'r, 

Hears the children's strains above, 
They who early seek his grace, 

Objects of his tender care, 
Sing the song of endless praise, 

In heavenly mansions fair. 
*Sing the song,. &c. 

3 He who left his throne above. 

Poor lost sinners to redeem ; 
He whose words arc life and love, 
Jesus Christ shall be our 
Thus to Saboath school we go, 
In its sacred duties share, 
• Learn the song of heav'n below, 
And gladly worship there, 
.Learn the. song, && 

. HYMNJ. 87 


1 The Sunday School Army has gathered once more, 
Its numbers are greater than ever before, 
Its banners are spread, and shall never be furled, 
Till the Prince of salvation has conquered' the world. 

Sing 1 sing! for the army is on its bright way. 

To the homes of the blest and the mansions of day. 

2 We fight against evil, and battle with wrong, 
Our sword is the Bible, both trusty and strong ; 
Our watchword is prayer, and faith is our shield, 
And never ! no never, to our foes will we yield.. 
Sing, sing, &c. 

In the midst of oar conflicts we'll think of the Lord, 
Who died on the cross, and from death was restored. 
To save us from sin, and to give us a place 
With the angels who always behold his bright fate. 
■ Sing, sing, &e. - 

To Jesus, our Captain, Hosannas we raise, 
And join with our Teachers in singing his praise; 
His soldiers we are, and his soldiers will be, 
Till we lay down our iumor, and death sets us free.. 
Sing, sing, &c. 



1 Save all my children, Lord ! 

For less I dare not ask,; 
I know thou Wilt fulfil thy word ; 
May I fulfil my task. 

2 The word is, "Work and pray, 

• Toil on, 'mid hopes and fears-: 

The sowing brings the reaping da3'S, 

The harvest follows tears." 


3 Oh! lctme strive to be 

The laborer thou wilt bless ; 
And hourly offer unto Thee 

The works of righteousness. 

4 Yet, when my best is done, 

"'Tis sin and folly still ; 
My only plea is, that thy Son 

Wrought out thy perfect will. 

E Then hear me while I ask, 

"Save all my children, Lord ; 
While I, in faith, fulfil my task, 
Do thou fulfil thy word. 

,110 LISCIIER. H. M. 

1 Dear Father, ere we part, . 
Now let thy grace descend, 
And fill our youthful heart 

With peace from Christ our friend. 
May shon r 'rs of b!f>ssir.»s from above, 
Descend and fill our hearts with lave. 

HYMNS. 89 

2 May we, in after years, 

With gratitude review 
The service of this day, 

The work we now pursue ; 
And speed our way to worlds above, 
With hearts all fired with holy love.. 

3 We know that soon on earth ' 

The fondest ties must end,— 
Our own most cherished hopes 

To death's cold hand must bend ; 
The fairest flowers ia all their bloom, 
Must soon lie withered in the tomb. 

4 Then when our spiiits leavo 

This tenement of clay, 
May they to God who gave, 

Ascend, in endless day, 
And sing with parents, teachers, friendS|.. 
The anthem*sweet which never ends. 


1 Now is past the time of teaching, 
Ended is the hour we love, 
Still the precious friends beseeching 

Us to store our joys above. 
Precious Sabbaths, precious Sabbat-ht:,- 
Swiftly, Oh, they swiftly moA'e. 

2. Wake then, every tender fueling, 
Ere from school we go away.; 
Saviour, come, thy grace revealing-. 

Every troubled thought allay. 
Make us holy, make us- holy, 
On the sacred Sabbath, day. 


3 Soon our Sabbaths will be ended, 

And the joys they bring be past, 
Like the leaf to earth descended, 

Withered in the autumn blast. 
Life, is passing, life is passing, 
We must see the grave at lart. 

4 Then may heaven be beaming o'er us, 

With its sunny glories bright": 
And with millions saved before us, 

May we join in worlds of liglit, 
Praising Jesus, praising Jesus, 
Where the Sabbaths know no night. 


Praise God from whom all ble=sings flow ; 
Praise him all creatures here below : 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

C. H. 

Let God the Father, and the Son, 

And Spirit be adored, 
Where there are works to make Him knowE, 

Or Saints to lo-ve the Lord. 

.S. M. 

Ye angels round the throne, 
And saints that dwell below, 

Adore the Father, love the Son, 
And bless the Spirit too.. 


A home beyond the tide, 47 

Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed, 73 

All hail the power of Jesus' name, 57 

Ariel, 03 

Around the throne of God in Heaven, 25 

Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, 70 

Awake ! Awake ! , 51 

Blest be the tie that binds, * 56 

Christmas bells are ringing, „ 59 

Close of School, 89 

Come and welcome, 43 

Come children, hail the Prince of Peace, 71 

Come bumble sitfner in whose breast )iS . 72 

Come let our voices raise, 83 

Come thou fount of every blessing, 70 

Come to the Sabbath School, 4 

Come ye children and adore him, 42 

Come ye that love the Lord, 69 

Dear children ! have you ever thought, 81 

Dixologies, 90 

Early at the Sabbath School, 37 

Father, what e'er of earthly bliss, 75 

From all that dwell below the skies, . 5(5 

Fcom every stormy wind that blows, 08 

Gently Lord, gently lead us, 78 

Ghjry to the Father give, •, 82 

1)2 INDEX. 

God bless the Sunday School, 

God is ever. good, 

God is in Heaven — can he hear, 

Go when the morning shineth, 

Happy day, 

Happy greeting to all, 

Hark ! the Sabbath bells are ringing, 

Heaven anticipated, 

Heaven is my home, 

Heavenly Father, 

Heavenly Rest, 

Hear, children, Mercy hails you, 

Here we throng (o praise the Lord, 

Homeward bound, 


How blest is the hour, 

How pleasant is the d-ivrn, 

I am bound for the land of Canaan, 

I have a Father in the Promised Land, 

I'll away to the Sabbath School, 

In this happy school we meet, 

Invitation to S-ibbath School, 

I think when I read that sweet story of old, 

I want to be an angel, 

I was a wandering sheep, 

I would not live alway, 

Jesus I love thy charming nai)p, 

Joyfully, Joyfully, 

Just as I am, 

Kind words can never die, 

•Let us walk in the lig'it, • 


Little Samuel, 

Little Things 

Lord teach a little child to pray, 

Lord wo come before thee now, 

Morn amid the mountains, 



Nearer, my God io Thee, "^ 

Oh \ come, let us ping, * 

Oh! Lord, behold before thy throne, °< 

Oh ! the Sabbath moining beautiful and bright, bo 

Oh ! who's like Jesus ? J?o 

On the cross, _„ 

Opening Hymn, 4g 

Pilgrim band, ,.,. 

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, < y 

Rejoice, or Miirenn'mm, ^ 

Remember thy Creator, ■ ^ 

Ee;st for the weary, - ^ £ 

Rock of Ages, 2^ 

Safe in the Promised Land, 
gay, brothers will you meet us, f 
See the kind Shepherd, Jesus stand.-?, 
Show pity Lord, Lord forgive, 

Sing praises, ^ 

Song of gladness, 

Sorrow shall come again no more, 
Sweetly singing, 
Teacher watch the little (eet, 
Thanks to our Father in Heaven, 

The Anchor, i^ 

The Bible! the Bible! ° R n 

The gathering of the Sunday School Army, »* 

The Gospel Banner, ^ 

Trie Happy Land, . 

The Sabbath bell, „ „ 

The Sabbath School's a place of prayer, « 

The Sabbath- School, how dear to me, ^ 

The shining shore, ' "^ 

The Sunday School, L 

The Sunday School Army, - gg 

The TeScher's prayer, 
The Tree of life, • 

There'll be no partin'g there, 




94 • INDEX. 

> » 

'Tis anniversary day, " 37 

Wafchman tell" us of the night, >» 44 

We come-with song to greet you, 38 

"We love to sing together, 64 

What's the news, 17 

When I can read my title clear, 77 

When shall we meet again, * - . 61 

When the day with rosy light, * 80 

Where do children love to go, „ 5 

Will you come to our Sunday School, 6 

Will you go, _; ' 4L 

Would you be as angels are. 30